Panipuri compatibility test a must before marriage to reduce divorce rates as most couple fight over ‘Aloo wali panipuri’ & ‘matar wali panipuri’

18, Feb 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

New Delhi. Do you know you there are 10 different varieties of pani puri in India? Pani puri, India’s all-time favorite street food, is called by different names in different parts of the country. And the reason for the maximum couple fights is the type of panipuri each one loves. The ‘Aloo wali Panipuri’ Vs ‘Matar wali Panipuri’ debate is the longest running debate show in the country and the participants are large in number.


The law ministry headed by Ravi Shankar Prasad is trying to reduce the number of divorce cases filed in the courts as courts are already overburdened by much more important cases. The government will soon make the panipuri compatibility test mandatory for the couples deciding to marry so that there are fewer chances of fights due to panipuri in the near future.

Parents will not only try to match the kundalis as has been the case over the years but will also try to match the panipuri taste of the couples.

There may be a problem for the couples who are fine with each other’s panipuri taste and still want to get married. But the government doesn’t want to take any chances as decreasing divorce rates is what it is targeting in the future and strong steps like these have to be taken to achieve the goals.