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Parents ask their Std 1 son to dump his best friend, replace him with class topper

09, Apr 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: More than their son’s performance, the real shock for Chintu’s parents was, when their son introduced them to his friend circle at the school.

“It was such a lovely arrangement for Parent teacher meeting at the school. School had put up a big banner at the entrance with names and photographs of top five from each class. But, none of Chintu’s close friends are in top five,” said Chintu’s mother Anisha.

“On top of it, his ‘so-called’ best friend Aditya’s report card I saw. It was average performance with no certificate or trophies on any of the extra-curricular activities,” said Mahesh, Chintu’s father who had to cancel 2 of his very important client meetings to spend 45 minutes at the school.

“Today Chintu stands 7th in the class. Agar topper logon saath dosti karega toh thoda aage ja sakta hai. What is the point of having friends who are not good in anything,” said Anisha.

Anisha collected the address and phone number of five toppers of the class as they were in different section and their mothers were not part of the WhatsApp group formed exclusively for Chintu’s section 1-B.

“Coming weekend we are throwing a birthday party for Chintu. I have already swapped Chintu’s average friends with class toppers in the invitation list. Have told Chintu, Aditya is not coming as he is going to native place. Instead of him I am calling Sujith, the class topper,” said Anisha.

“Entire party duration I want Chintu to spend with Sujith, though her mother was little rude to me today, but what a lovely boy Sujith is. He has scored A+ in every subject with three Olympiad medals,” said Anisha who has changed his DP with the joint photo of Sujith and Chintu she took at the school.

Anisha and Mahesh are planning to book a hotel for the party in the locality Sujith stays. They are even planning to pick up and drop him in case his parents do not have time on that day.