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Parents distraught as kid fails to identify any body part in front of visiting relatives

22, Sep 2013 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai. Parents of 9 months old Ayaan are grief stricken these days. The reason of their sadness is the inability of Ayaan to correctly identify all his body parts when asked in front of visiting relatives.

Making kids identify their body parts and different objects in the room, and asking them to make gestures like Namaste is a long held Indian tradition and is observed in every household where there is a child.

Rajiv and Priya, the parents of Ayaan are now considering hiring a personality development counselor for their child to increase his self-awareness.

He might just be sucking finger for fun, but many insist that he’s showing where his lips are.

Speaking to Faking News, a visibly worried Rajiv said, “My Mama ji had come to visit us with his family. They stayed here for 3 days and whenever we asked Ayaan ‘beta, where is your nose?’ he just sat there motionless. We have been training him to identify his nose, ears, lips, everything; he used to identify them earlier but humiliated us in front of my uncle’s family.”

“We were planning to move on to other objects like fans, chair, table, etc. but it seems like he hasn’t grasped even the basics yet. I am afraid that being such a slow learner, he may never make it to IIT,” Rajeev sobbed.

His wife Priya was totally disconsolate as well.

“My in-laws will think that it is all my fault. I am a bad mother, I have not brought up my child well. After 9 months inside and another 9 outside, what good is a child if he can’t point towards things in front of relatives? He does it when we are alone, points towards his nosy, his eyes, his hair but don’t know what went wrong when those relatives came over,” she said.

At that moment Rajiv interrupted Priya and said, “I told you not to watch those stupid Saas-Bahu serials during pregnancy. They repeat everything 3 times, maybe our kid needs to be told everything thrice to make him understand it. Why couldn’t you watch KBC or Bournvita Quiz Contest?”

To check the responsive skills of Ayaan, this reporter decided to ask him something as well. When we asked Ayaan to point towards an idiot, he immediately pointed towards his parents sitting on the adjacent sofa.