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Parents kidnap their not-ready-for-marriage son to get him married

11, Aug 2013 By Bechara Bandhu

Gurgaon. Manish, 27-year-old, IT consultant in Wipro came back to India last evening after a 3 year-long stint in US and the first thing that he experienced after coming back was – marriage.

Manish was pleasantly surprised to see his parents waiting outside at the airport to pick him up. Unfortunately for him, this turned bizarre very quickly. He was drugged by his own parents and taken to a wedding hall for his marriage.

“I didn’t suspect anything at that time. Mother even said- kitna kamzor ho gaya hai- so everything seemed normal to me,” now-married Manish recalled.

While Manish feels cheated, experts say that if the wife is beautiful, he shouldn’t worry about minor things like ‘not ready’, ‘being drugged’ and stuff.

He further told Faking News that he was continuously bothered by his parents for the last 6 months to marry the daughter of his dad’s colleague. Apparently she is very homely, cooks well, is a trained Salsa dancer, pure vegetarian, and a teetotaler.

“The day I turned 27, my parents turned into a ‘Get Married’ spewing machine. They sent me so many pictures of so many girls that my Gmail inbox started looking like a matrimonial website. I just wasn’t ready for the marriage,” Manish explained.

After his parents drugged him, Manish was unconscious for about 2 hours. His father dressed him up as a handsome looking unconscious groom. When he gained consciousness, he was already sitting on the groom’s chair with a beautiful looking girl sitting next to him and hundreds of people standing in line to congratulate the newly married couple and get pictures clicked with them.

“He left us with no choice. We showed him pictures of hundreds of girls but he showed no interest at all,” Manish’s mother explained her deeds.

This morning, Manish filed a case of deceit against his own parents for tricking him into marriage. The hearing on this case will be after 2 months.

“I had no time to react any differently. It was all so grand to comprehend immediately. I was still a little high under whatever drug they gave me,” Manish explained why he did not just run away from the place.

Sources have found out that the judge appointed for this case is a 52 years old woman with a 26 years old daughter refusing to get married. It would be interesting to see how this case unfolds itself.