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Parents thrash son as he attended class when neighbor’s topper son bunked and went for a movie

15, Mar 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. Indian parents are very strict is a known fact. There are umpteen stories on how parents want their child to be competitive with their neighbor’s kid. The comparison starts from the very beginning, right from childhood when the child enters the nursery. And it continues till he or she climbed the career ladder. But while comparing, parents often forget that different children have different skillsets and comparison is never going to help. Recently in Mumbai the story of parents thrashing their child for not bunking class when the neighbor’s son did the same went viral. video-undefined-1DE88F5200000578-551_636x358

Sanil Jain has been trying to make his son very competitive and never missed a chance to thrash and abuse him in case he fails to live up to the expectations. Sanil’s neighbor Shwetank Srivastava has always given a great amount of freedom to his kid and he is allowed to bunk class and go to movies whenever he wants without taking permission. A few days back Sanil realized that his kid didn’t bunk class on the day Shwetank’s kid bunked class and went for a movie. It was a dream-shattering moment for sanil who wants his kid to compete with Shwetank’s kid in every which way. Sanil’s kid had the biggest nightmarish day and he was thrashed just like the WWE wrestlers. He was abused as if he had committed a big crime by not going to the movies.

But just like all parents, even Sanil realized that violence is not the solution and soon explained his kid in a polite manner that doing what the neighbor’s child does is good for his career. In fact, all parents should explain to their kids that dreams and passion never lead to success, but following the path of their neighborhood friends surely do.