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Parents worried as their teenage girl does not use Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp and uses the phone only for calling

26, Jun 2017 By RT

Pune. Mr and Mrs Mehta have increasingly become worried parents as their only daughter uses the newly bought smartphone only for calling and not for anything in the Internet, including Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. When they learnt that she uses the phone to only call them and no one else, Mrs Mehta asked Mr Mehta to seek medical advice for their beloved daughter, it is learnt by Faking News.


“What kind of a Teenager will not have a Facebook page? Twitter, we can understand. It is not for everyone. But, WhatsApp? I don’t believe that my daughter is not using WhatsApp in her smartphone. I am in WhatsApp, for crying out loud. I didn’t believe my eyes when I saw my daughter’s number was listed under contacts to be invited to join WhatsApp. I was even more shocked when my daughter did not install WhatsApp even after our invites” Mrs Mehta told Faking News.

“The phone is considered smart if it used for everything else but calling. Has anyone seen a network advertising for quality of voice? Has any mobile manufacturer advertised for call waiting facility or conference call feature? No. They all advertise only on data. The speed of downloads etc. And then, there are phones used only as cameras, both front and back, for the photos to be posted in Facebook. My daughter probably does not understand that it is a smartphone” Mr Mehta told Faking News.

“Our daughter always has been a normal child. Visited the society park and the playing area very rarely and always watched TV and played video games. Became a belieber when she entered into the teens and repeatedly asked for a smartphone for a few years now. As a watchful mother I did buy her a smartphone only when I thought she is ready to use it wisely and normally. Now, we are worried” Mrs Mehta voiced out her concerns to Faking News.

Ms. Mehta, daughter of Mr and Mrs Mehta, has another smartphone gifted by her boyfriend and she uses the phone for the entire breadth of social media and also for calling her friends, it is later learnt by Faking News.