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Pedestrian faints in disbelief when driver of approaching vehicle brakes to let her cross the road

14, Jul 2015 By gayupotter

CHENNAI: Mrs. Kalyani, a resident of GG Nagar, collapsed with shock on Mount Road when an SUV halted to let her cross the main intersection with ease. She was immediately rushed to a hospital where she is now recovering.

The SUV that restored peoples faith in humanity.
The SUV that restored peoples faith in humanity.

On Tuesday morning, Mrs. Kalyani left home fully prepared to face yet another day of pedestrian battles. Every day, she makes exactly three double-lane crossings and two single-lane crossings in her 0.6 kilometer walk to office.

“With eyes closed and palms facing the oncoming traffic, I took two brave steps on the pedestrian crossing that fateful day. Just when I thought I had gone too far and might meet with an accident, a big green car stopped at least 1 foot from me to let me cross. I was astounded. I froze at his kindness.  He was an angel in disguise,” a tearful Mrs. Kalyani told Faking News during an interview at the hospital.

Mrs. Kalyani, according to several passersby, soon fell unconscious due to utter disbelief of the driving miracle and was rushed to the nearest hospital. The driver immediately sped away, making his superhero identity an unfortunate secret.

“All my life I have been a pedestrian, but what I witnessed today was a first. I am usually well-equipped with all the necessities for my day-to-day pedestrian journeys such as band-aids, cotton, Dettol, a bunch of swear words and even an extra pair of chappals. But after this incident, I feel the crusader of goodness who arrived in the green SUV, has restored my faith in humanity,” said one of the passersby who frequents the Mount Road crossing.

Faking News, through ample research soon got in touch with the benevolent SUV Driver (who does not want his name disclosed). It soon came to the spotlight that Mr. Shravan (name changed) wasn’t as humane as believed. “If truth be told, I was eating my morning dose of vada when all of a sudden, it slipped from my grip. I therefore slammed the brakes to pick it up, but when I sat back on my seat, I saw a middle-aged woman lying on the road in front of my car. Thinking I had injured her, I fled the scene.”

The incident caused a huge traffic jam for five minutes on Mount Road wherein several pedestrians took the golden opportunity to cross the road, even if they didn’t need to.