People in train crashed at Churchgate unaffected as they had jumped out, like always, before it halted

29, Jun 2015 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. Yesterday in a freak incident at Churchgate, a local train derailed and rammed into the dead end.

However despite the crash appearing to be scary and somewhat massive, not a single passenger in the local was hurt and everybody came out unscathed.

Onlookers say that the habit of Mumbaikars to jump out of a local even before it halts is what seemed to have resulted in not a single passenger getting affected.

Everybody was out of the train way before this happened.
Everybody was out of the train way before this happened.

“This is a slap on the face of all those announcements at stations and my so called well wishers, who advise me to wait for the train to stop before jumping out. If I had followed their advice, I would probably have been giving this byte to you from hospital,” said a 25 year old daredevil passenger from second coach, who credited his habit of jumping from the train for saving his life.

“Like always despite having no hurry to reach anywhere and the platform being virtually empty, I out of impulse jumped out few seconds before train actually halted, thereby avoiding myself from the aftershocks of the crash,” he went on to explain.

Not just this, our reporter traced few people from the train, who were not even aware that such a mishap had taken place.

“What crash are you talking about? Everything appeared smooth when I alighted on the railway track,” said a man from last coach of the local, who couldn’t even wait for platform to come, “Yeah, there was some hullabaloo as I reached the platform, but as I have to abide by the spirit of Mumbai, I didn’t bother to check what it was all about and went on with my work.”

Many of these people are confident that one day their habit of directly crossing railway tracks and not using the overhead bridges meant for same, would also save their lives.

Meanwhile latest reports say that there was one woman who injured herself in the accident has vowed to learn this art of alighting from a running train after she is discharged from the hospital.