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People shocked to see businessmen named by govt in black money case are not demons with big horns

27, Oct 2014 By idiot420

Delhi. Common people were shocked to see that the three businessmen named by central government for stashing black money abroad look like normal human beings.

After years of waiting to see people with Swiss accounts full of illegally earned money, public expectation was quite different.

This is what people were expecting.

“I used to think that people who have black money in Swiss banks must look like some demon with horns on his head, big nails and teeth. But look, they are normal people just like you and me. Two legs, two hands, one nose, normal height, I am literally shocked. This is what we got after such a long wait!” said Alok, a resident of Rani Bagh expressing his disbelief.

Justifying his shock, Alok further added that his expectation was very much logical.

“Government and Swiss banks were hiding them as if they were some aliens or very dangerous creatures. So, going by the way government behaved, what I thought was pretty normal,” Alok told Faking News.

Prateek, a young college student from Mumbai shares similar feelings.

“I mean those guys have accounts in Swiss banks, but the dudes are looking like my neighbour Sharma uncle,” said Prateek, adding that this is the first time in his life he is seeing people with crores of black money in Swiss bank accounts.

As per Prateek’s parents, earlier he was very excited to see and meet those mysterious creatures.

“Prateek was even planning to get autographs and click selfies with the account holders. But  not any more,” said Prateek’s father.

However, many are believing that black money account holders are maintaining dual identity.

“It’s possible that they look like normal human beings, just to mingle well with the society. And they don the avatar of a demon, only when it is required,” reasoned a man from Kolkata.