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Person accused of rash driving after drinking in Mumbai says he was just avoiding the potholes

16, Sep 2018 By Guest Patrakar

People in Mumbai are fed up with the pothole situation. But here is a guy who used the pothole situation to his benefit. We are talking about Shwetank Srivastava. He was caught by the traffic police for rash driving after drinking. But Shwetank claimed that he was just avoiding the potholes and that’s why it seemed as if he was rash driving.

The surprising fact is that the Mumbai Police believed his story and let him go. He, in fact, gave a full description of the depth and length of the potholes he was trying to avoid while driving.


Mumbai Police has also requested the BMC  to fill all potholes immediately as people like Shwetank and many more are using it as an excuse to drive roughly.

Shwetank while talking to Faking News said,” I may look drunk, but I am in total control. I have driven my car so many times after drinking a bit, that I have become habituated now. But yesterday, I was actually avoiding potholes and the fact that I was doing so at high speed, police thought that I was driving roughly. ACtually, the police have caught me so many times so they were sure that I would have been drunk but yesterday was the only time when I was not drunk and I am honest here.