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Person having less than 2 lacs monthly income gets a surprise interview call for his daughter’s school admission

21, Jan 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: Ratnakar B, a senior manager working for a leading IT company was shocked when he got an interview call from a reputed school for his daughter’s school admission. “I never expected school will call me considering my net income is still less than 2 lacs per month,” said Ratnakar while speaking to Faking News.

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“The school, according to many is considered among the top ones in Bangalore. Probably that is true because by the time I reached school to collect admission form, saw few thousand people have already made a big queue,” said Ratnakar about his first experience at the school.

Ratnakar added, “I do not know why school charged me 2000 bucks for that form, it was just a simple two-page form with half of it asking for details about parent’s income. I had all the necessary documents like income proof duly signed by a gazetted officer and birth certificate of my kid, so submitted the form there only. Felt so good that I did something for my kid.”

“However, the smile from my face vanished after I spoke to some my colleagues at office who have done the similar exercise before for their kids. They said, first of all your spouse is house wife and with the net income details you have filled, there is no way, you will get a call. They were all saying with 2 lacs income per month aaj kal hota kya hai,” said Ratnakar who checked with his manager if he will get any hike this year.

“I realized, no-way I am going to get a call from school, came here to Goa with my family to celebrate Christmas and new year. Now after this surprise call from school, called one of my friends to check, is it worth cancelling the vacation and rush back to Bangalore as on Jan 2nd only they have called us for interview. He was saying this is probably demonetization impact as last year with 2.5 lacs salary he did not get a call. He said do not waste this opportunity as it is for your kid’s future,” said Ratnakar while packing his bags.