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A person who never followed traffic rules meets with an accident first time he followed it

23, Sep 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: It has been two days, Prakash is unable to come to terms not because he met with an accident. His problem is for a change he was following traffic rule for the first time, someone came from behind and hit him on the back side.

While speaking to our reporter from hospital bed Prakash with a broken leg & hand under plaster said, “I do not know what happened to me, I was following traffic rule. Maybe it’s a classic case of brain fade which happened to the likes of Australian captain Steve Smith in the past. Thanks to my connections, a person like me has never bothered about following rules even when traffic cops are around.”

Prakash added, “Sometime back my friends took me to an eye specialist thinking I have some color blindness problem as all signals red, yellow, green looked same to me. Simply because I never looked at signals or on my speedometer. One of my friend says not only when I ‘jumped’ the signal it was green, I was even under the speed limits. The alcohol readings are also within the limits as I can see from the reports.”

“For fifteen years, I am driving my bike on these roads. Of course, with a driving license RTO guys delivered at my home, but I did not know what is called Zebra crossing. Other day my niece was asking about it showing me a picture, I told her may be for some decorative purpose traffic cops paint some portion of the road near signals. After her school teacher scolded and told her about it, I came to know about it from her,” said Prakash.

Police has traced the culprit behind Prakash’s accident. While speaking to us a traffic constable said, “Like Prakash, the person who hit him was following traffic rule for the first time. We cannot arrest him, as he has also connections at the top. With so much risk for people following rules, traffic police is going to put a disclaimer at all major signals, Follow traffic rules at your own risk.