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Person who has no time to die stops by to scold an auto driver for hours whose auto scraped his car

09, Aug 2018 By dasu

Mumbai: When it comes to road rage, most of us have two qualities. One, we can do no wrong when we are behind the wheel and we have ample amount of time to fight and settle the matter then and there. We witnessed one such case when an auto kissed Swarup Tawde’ car near CST railway station. 


Swarup was heading towards railway station to drop his brother-in-law when this happened. Mr. Tawde who always asked his wife to give update like twitter message lost his mind when he saw autowallah touched his car.

“Net result, I missed the train, looking for a tatkal booking for tomorrow,” said Dillip, Swarup’s brother in law who was one of the prime witness of the event.

“From the morning Swarup had told me multiple times, he has no time to die. He has to drink tea, read newspaper, get vegetable from market, drop me at station, iron clothes, watch Arnab… the list was long and endless,” said Dillip.

He added, “When I reminded him I am going to miss the train, he scolded me. He told me take your luggage and go in another cab, I have to ‘teach’ this auto guy a lesson”.

Auto guy repeatedly pleaded sir, I have to go to school to pick kids, it was my mistake, Mr. Tawde was in no mood to pardon him and let him go.

“Kuch hua toh nahin ka kya matlab hai, kuch ho jaata toh”, this was the main point Mr. Tawde was making.

“For people like me who lack discipline, our country has not grown. He taught me how to use hand signal, where to sit in the front sit so that auto remains balanced, even adjusted my auto mirror angles”, said the autowallah whose auto overstepped by a millimeter due to a downward slope.

Mr. Tawde’s day become worse as his car was parked at the wrong spot and traffic cops towed it away.