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Person registered on a matrimony portal 25 years ago still getting ‘good’ marriage proposals

18, Jun 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: More than twenty-five years have passed since Krishanu Bose deactivated his profile in the matrimonial website. However, the flow of good proposals to his personal email account are not showing any signs of tapering off.


“A day has not passed in last twenty-five years when I have not received some good marriage proposals in my email box”, said Krishanu while speaking to us.

“I do not remember who were my neighbors in the previous colony I stayed couple of years back, here is the matrimony website software who does his job religiously day in and day out. All these benefits I am getting, just because I created my profile there, even after deactivation, deletion it never forgets you, remains in touch with you forever”

“Nevertheless, while going through the profiles you feel little good about yourself. In job market when your profile is like that of Joginder Sharma’s profile for any form of cricket right now, there are people or at least the matrimony website software which makes you feel, you are still an ‘eligible’ bachelor”, said Krishanu.

Krishanu added, “Other day I was clearing few thousand such proposal emails to clear my inbox which was hugging lot of my drive storage, when my wife stopped by. Without knowing these are my marriage proposals, she started questioning me thinking these are our son’s marriage proposals”.

“When our son has not completed engineering and yet to join a stable IT job in Infosys or TCS, why you are in such a hurry to put his profile to marriage portals, kuch kaam dhanda nahin hai aap ko”, upset looking Mrs. Krishanu told her hubby after finding him in front of laptop on Sunday morning.

However, Krishanu realized the mistake he is doing. Before deleting from inbox, he started saving the proposals in his external hard disk, thinking may be someone made for his son already in his inbox.

Neither Krishanu nor his wife is aware of, their son has already found someone at college, so that he does not have to suffer in the hands of matrimony portal like his papa.