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Person who spends 5 mins with his family daily says it’s the ‘quality time’ that matters at the end

28, Oct 2017 By dasu

Mumbai: Karen Kapoor, a well-known celebrity from Mumbai has made it a point to spend at least 5 quality minutes with his family members daily.

“At the end, what we are because of our family.  How can we ignore them? For me, what is more important is to make sure these five minutes I am spending with my family are pure ‘quality’ time”, said Karen Kapoor who was getting ready to attend her fifth ‘quality’ party that night.

When we asked what makes the time ‘quality time’ because still there are many people who are spending hours with their family members unnecessarily, she said, “There is no hard and fast rule. Just make sure when you are sending time with someone nothing else other than your mobile comes in between. Do whatever you usually do with your phone, but you must not ignore the person who is there with you”.

Karen added, “In those five minutes you must click at least a dozen photos, some videos. Just by telling how are spending quality time with your near and dear ones won’t work now days. You need to show case to the world by uploading photos, videos through social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.”

When we asked Karen Kapoor how she is able to extract time considering work pressure you have and the compulsion to attend so many mandatory parties, she said “Time to nikalna padta hai. Yes, there are days I cannot spend even 5 minutes with my kids and husband, I stretch on other days and catch up with my long-term average goal of 5 minutes. I am writing a book on this topic, it should be out in the market soon”.

Our 5 minutes of quality discussion got disturbed when Karen got a call. She was invited to talk on ‘Good Parenting tips’ as her uploaded photos and videos showed she is doing everything ‘right’ one can possibly do while bringing up your kid.