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Person sues restaurant after not finding chicken in a costly Veg Thali of 900 Rs

31, Jan 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. Pregnant with spices of all kinds, capable of caressing all your senses, promising to surprise you with completely distinct flavors, such is the glorification affixed to Indian food. Thalis are basically a creative scheme to bring together the variety of food items in one platter.

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The cost of thali determines the no of items it serves on the platter. But Shwetank Srivastava, a Mumbai resident was utterly disappointed as he paid a whopping 900 Rs for a Veg Thali but did not get any chicken in it.

Shwetank is very fond of Chicken. In fact, it is extremely difficult to woo him to have a Veg platter. But on Monday, he was caught in a trap. After visiting a Mumbai restaurant with his family, he found a Veg Thali priced 900 Rs on the menu. Shwetank was pretty sure that a Veg thali cannot cost that much money. I mean Paneer is the most costly Veg ingredient, nothing else.

But he was utterly disappointed after the thali arrived on his table. He dug deep but found no traces of Chicken. He shouted at the manager for charging so high for a Veg thali and raising customer expectations.

Shwetank has filed a case against the restaurant name ‘Veg Only’ for not giving him chicken in a costly thali of 900 Rs. The government is also discussing the idea of regulating the thali business and fixing an upper slab on how a Veg Thali should cost.