Person thanks Zomato for delivering non-veg in his veg order after his pure veg mother-in-law ate it and left in anger

11, Jul 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. A consumer court here slapped a ₹55,000 fine on food delivery platform Zomato along with a hotel for delivering non-vegetarian food to a lawyer who had ordered a vegetarian dish. Zomato’s similar mistake in Mumbai came as a boon for a resident who also got non-veg food in his veg order but that helped him get rid of his mother-in-law. Jagdish Banerjee’s mother-in-law who is a pure vegetarian ate the food and realized after some time that she was eating non-veg. She has promised that she will never return to Jagdish’s place.


Since his marriage, Jagdish has seen his mother-in-law visiting him too frequently and he was irritated by the frequency. He tried everything from staging a power-cut at his house, filling the house with rats, and sometimes cook food for his mom-in-law, but nothing seemed to work. Finally, Zomato made it possible with the help of a flaw in its delivery system.

Jagdish ordered veg food for his mother-in-law. And when she ate the food she realized after some time that what she ate was not veg. It was the classic ‘Dharam Brasht’ moment for her. She left the house in anger and has promised to never return again. Jagdish has personally sent a letter of appreciation to the Zomato chief and has recommended Zomato to all those married men who want to get rid of their mother-in-laws.