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Person visits builder’s office to enquire about handover date of flat his grandfather booked 20 yrs ago

25, Jan 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: Vijay Arora, a techie, went to the builder’s head office to enquire about the ‘actual’ possession date of the flat his grandfather late Prakash Arora booked twenty years back.

“My father is not keeping well of late, so, I am following up with the builder to know about the progress,” said Vijay while speaking to us.

While sharing his experience with us Vijay said, “Builders survive on two basic principles. Wherever they develop some property they will claim this is hardly 20 minutes from city central business district area. Forget about going by road, even if you book a chartered flight, it will take more time to reach those places. Second on completing project and giving possession date, they are like some of my friends who have no intention of coming, but they will postpone the Goa trip to next year using some excuses, then again next year. The ‘next’ which never comes.”

Vijay added, ‘For the 50 lakh my father has paid till now including bank interest, what we have got in return from the builder. One free 250 ml Bisleri bottle every time we visited their office and every month one free email which basically conveys same status year after years.”

Builders have sound arguments for every delay. Largely it is due to ‘unforeseen challenges’, ‘delays from government offices in getting regulatory approvals’ or the challenges they face due to downturn in real estate market. Ultimately, they try to make every customer understand how every builder does this, there is nothing wrong with this ‘approach’ and how one must consider it as a big favor when they deliver the flat.

After Vijay holding RERA guidelines shouted like Sunny Deol, “Tarikh pe Tarikh, lekin possession nahin mila” builder decided to give some dates for its under-construction properties. “Those who booked during emergency will get in 2025, others just add 50 years to your booking date”, said builder who claimed everything is done as per the mutually signed agreement.