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Person with horrible ringtone ashamed to pick up his phone

30, May 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. A man traveling in Delhi Metro was today taken into custody by DMRC authorities after he refused to pick up his constantly ringing phone, ashamed of the horrible ringtone he had installed.

According to onlookers, Akshay, an IT employee was traveling back home from Gurgaon, with a young female colleague, when his phone first rang.

The ringtone tu lagawe jab lipistick sounded so loud, vulgar and down market that it made almost every person in the coach turn towards him with suspicion and disdain.

“His looks and demeanor just didn’t go with that Bhojpuri song. It was total contradiction. He seemed like a guy who listens to Eminem or Pitbull numbers,” an onlooker confirmed with disbelief.

Screenshot of Akshay's favorite list in Media section of his mobile.
Screenshot of Akshay’s favorite list in Media section of his mobile.

Akshay who was behaving in a nonchalant manner so far, too started making weird faces, and looked towards a dhobi who was in the same coach, as if trying to divert people’s attention towards him and insinuate that he was the culprit.

“The entire situation can be compared to a person farting and then looking at others with suspicion, trying to cover up and act like somebody other farted,” a senior citizen traveling in the coach explained.

However when the caller continued to call and phone did not stop ringing for 5 minutes, his co-passengers ordered him to pick it up at once, to which he denied it was his phone as he didn’t have that ring tone. Sources say he was trying to reassure the woman sitting next to him.

When he refused to accept that it was his phone, one enraged passenger, who was woken up from his sleep, went up to him took the phone out of his pocket and handed it over to him.

However Akshay was so stubborn that he was even ready to forego what looked like a newly purchased iPhone and immediately threw it away arguing he doesn’t know how it landed in his pocket.

But when the girl sitting next to him realized that it was indeed his phone which he had been flaunting in the office ever since he bought it, she looked at him with disgust, asking him to not trouble others anymore and answer the phone.

When he still refused to accept, DMRC staff got into the coach at Ghittorni station, intervened and took him away.

Akshay later confessed that it was indeed his phone and that he liked Bhojpuri songs, when his colleague had left and there was no other woman in the vicinity.