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Pervert shocked to know he had been feeling manboobs till now

25, Aug 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Ranjeet Singh, a habitual eve-teaser and an utter pervert, got the shock of his life when he realized that he had been enjoying the fleshy feel of someone’s manboobs in a crowded Delhi bus. Ranjeet thought that a girl was standing behind him in the bus, a thought that led him instinctively to press his back on purpose against the body of the person standing behind him.

“Shit man, it was some fat guy!” 37-year-old Ranjeet lamented the catastrophe that struck him out of blue in the Blueline bus number 764, which was packed with people numbering at least thrice the maximum seating capacity of the bus.

Crowded Blueline Bus
A sight of crowded bus in Delhi used to fill Ranjeet with hope, until today

“It was crowded only when I had boarded it, but I could maneuver my way out and move away near two girls I saw standing inside the bus.” the pervert recounted his actions in the bus with a sense of achievement in his narrative, but revealed that he failed to continue his triumphant journey beyond this point.

“I don’t know when this fat guy came into the picture. I neither saw him boarding the bus nor saw the girls getting off.” wondered Ranjeet, who had placed himself strategically in the overcrowded bus by then to feel the girls, a knack he had developed in the last thirteen years of his ever growing debauchery.

For the next fifteen minutes, Ranjeet could feel some soft tissues pressing against his body, his purposefully leaning back to be precise, which aroused him, reminding him of his manhood and giving him back his confidence he had lost last night in bed with his wife.

“Traveling in crowded buses has always been reassuring to me.” Ranjeet bared his deepest secrets, as he poignantly recollected how blissfully he had kept smiling for those fifteen minutes of total depravity.

After fifteen minutes, an elated Ranjeet decided to turn back and embarrass his victims by looking into their eyes to add further degrees of depravity to his act, but he was crestfallen when his eyes met a smiling fat man standing behind him. The girls were at least a couple of bodies away from him.

“I felt as if someone had banged my head with a big hammer. Or my limbs were torn apart by someone. I don’t know.” said Ranjeet, whose smile and pleasure vanished within nanoseconds after discovering that he had been enjoying manboobs of that unidentified fat man for those fifteen minutes.

“In fact, it seems that for all those fifteen minutes, that gay bastard was enjoying me!” accused Ranjeet, who believes that homosexuals should be banished from the society for their pervert ways.

Ranjeet is planning to avoid bus number 764 for the next few days to avoid recalling his horror.