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Pet dog bites owner after owner refuses to upload dog’s pic on Facebook

29, Apr 2016 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: Pammi Ahuja, a Delhi based interior designer and wife of business man Gurinder Ahuja was taken to AIIMS after their pet dog Rambo bit the designer early this morning.

Rambo with his selfie
Rambo with his selfie

Apparently, Rambo was angry because his owner Pammi refused to upload a few pics of her pet dog on facebook. The couple have now filed an FIR against the dog for causing grievous injury. AIIMS sources reveal that doctors had to administer 5 stitches on Pammi’s forearm to close the wound.

“It was early morning and I was near the boundary wall of our bungalow trying to catch the open WiFi network from my neighbor when I heard her screams. I saw Rambo had bit my wife’s forearm. I don’t know why he did that, but Pammi told me it was because she refused to upload his selfie on Facebook,” said Mr. Ahuja while recording a statement at the local police station.

With a Facebook page of his own and 20k follower on Twitter, Rambo is no less than a social media celeb. Rambo’s arrest saw many of followers rallying behind him by trending #RamboIsInnocent on Twitter.

The Ahuja family is however in no mood to pardon their pet and have already made plans to send him to animal shelter. Sources say that Rambo has sought anticipatory bail.

This is the second such worrying incident in man-dog relationship, last being the case of 2013 when a dog unfriended his owner on Facebook.

Meanwhile, Somnath Bharti’s pet Don, who heads the dog wing of Aam Aadmi Party, has extended his support to his fellow canine.