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Pet dogs express shock at unhygienic habits of stray dogs

27, Aug 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

Shocking behavior?
Shocking behavior?

New Delhi. Urban Pet Dogs Union for Modern Breeding (UPDUMB) has expressed shock at news reports suggesting that stray dogs of India were following unhygienic and uncultured lifestyle. UPDUMB members were reacting after a national television aired shocking visuals of stray dogs sleeping on roads, eating food from garbage dumps, and having sex on the streets. Members have asked the government to punish the erring dogs and take immediate step to civilize them.

“It was shocking and disgusting! Are we really living in the 21st century? When will these uncouth canines learn to behave? Such behavior shames the whole dog society, and we must act before it’s too late. I can’t understand the mentality behind such morbid manners.” Tiger, a pet dog expressed his concerns and outrage.

Within minutes of the news being aired, many pet dogs requested their masters to create facebook pages and orkut communities condemning such behavior. An online petition was also launched appealing to put an end to such incivility among stray dogs. Thousands of pet dogs had endorsed the petition by putting their digital signatures, bought by their masters for them, by the time reports last came in.

Following the outrage among UPDUMB members and media, the government has ordered an enquiry into the whole case. Police forces have been directed to immediately arrest dogs who are found indulging in indecent behavior like having sex on roads. Government has also set up a parliamentary action committee that would analyze the situation and suggest steps for upliftment of the stray dogs.

But stray dogs have dubbed the outrage and government concern as ‘sham’ and have termed such reactions as being offensive to their clan. Representatives of the Dignified and Independent Stray Dogs Association of Indian Nation (DISDAIN) have asked the UPDUMB members to “shut the fuck up” and mind their own business.

“After cohabiting with humans, they have grown dumb. How can they even expect us to follow their lifestyle and manners when we don’t have those luxuries at our comfort? It’s so easy to criticize and prescribe yelping in their master’s air-conditioned rooms and eating truffle cake. They are behaving just the same as those human city slickers who keep on getting shocked after hearing genuine news from the villages.” Sheru, spokesperson of DISDAIN protested.