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PETA member attacked by mob found guilty of dressing up provocatively

23, Sep 2014 By Pagal Patrakar

Bhopal. Suraiyya Benazeer , a member of PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) who was chased away and beaten up for advocating vegetarianism ahead of Bakrid, has been found guilty of dressing provocatively by a team of experts.

“She was wearing a burqa made up of vegetables. That is such a provocative dress!” claimed Surma Bhopali, a leading expert from Bhopal.

PETA worker beaten in Bhopal
The culprit, who broke the tradition of keeping peace with certain set of beliefs at any cost.

“Peaceful members of the local community were provoked by the dress,” he explained, “Local customs and feelings have to be respected. People should dress modestly.”

Surma further claimed that not only dressing up provocatively, Suraiyya was even issuing provocative statements, thus “asking for it”.

“She said Muslims shouldn’t sacrifice goats on bakrid and try to celebrate a vegetarian Bakrid. Bakrid without killing goats!” Surma informed, “I mean this is a senseless statement. This is like saying that Hindus should celebrate Holi without spilling water. Does anyone say that ever?”

Suraiyya on the other hand has said that she was just trying to make Bakrid a festival of happiness for everyone, goats included.

“Nonsense!” a man who beat up Suraiyya said when Faking News asked for a comment, “Tomorrow she will ask us to give property rights to goats! We did the right thing by treating her like a goat. Hope she has got the message.”

It’s not yet clear if Suraiyya has got the message, but the government seems to have got it straight. The administration has filed a police case against her and asked her to dress appropriately and issue appropriate statements in future.

The PETA member has also been criticized by intellectuals in Delhi.

“I don’t know why should PETA focus on the issue of millions of goats being killed on a single day,” a Delhi based commentator told Faking News, “There are other important issues they can train their guns at. For example, horses are used in many Hindu wedding processions. What about horse rights? PETA should focus there.”