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Petroleum ministry to take help of TCS's expertise in keeping starting salary fixed at 3.2 lacs to fix petrol prices for long term

14, Jul 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Petrol and diesel prices were marginally lowered on Wednesday, after sixteen days of consecutive hikes. The marginal reduction of 1 paisa per litre comes in the wake of some softening in global crude prices. Rising petrol prices are a headache and now the Petroleum ministry wants to take the help of TCS in fixing the petrol price for long term.


TCS is famous for keeping the starting salary fixed at 3.2 lacs for the last 15 years. This a remarkable achievement given the rising cost of living, inflation and a jump in people’s aspirations. And the petroleum ministry was long mulling over the idea to take the IT giant’s help. Petroleum ministry wants to fix the petrol prices for the long term and would like to keep the prices away from the global impacts just like TCS does.

Faking News reporter spoke to a TCS HR manager based in Mumbai Mr. Shwetank Sarivastava and he had this to say, ” Many times we were on the brink of increasing the starting salary, but our value system didn’t allow us to do it. We believe in consistency and transparency. All freshers should get the same salary so that there is no jealousy among employees. We had arrived upon the figure of 3.2 lacs after calculations which took years and years and now we have patented the formula. We are going to do something same for the Petroleum ministry. We will design a formula which will keep the Petrol prices same for the coming 10-15 years.”

It is to be seen how effective the formula is. Sometime back we had also published a story of how the petroleum ministry is taking Sachin’s help also in making sure that prices don’t reach 100 soon. So be rest assured and let the ministry work for your and everyone’s benefit.