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Postman finally gets a letter to deliver, thanks to Raksha Bandhan

19, Aug 2013 By idiot420

Mumbai. Bejaan Letterwala, a postman in Dadar West, is finally a happy man as he got a letter to deliver after a long wait of 8 months. It’s an envelope carrying Rakhi sent by a Delhi girl to his brother working in Mumbai.

Bejaan says he got so emotional that he kept the envelope with himself for a couple of days before eventually delivering it today.

India Post
The post box where the letter was posted

“Imagine Sonu Nigam getting an offer to sing all songs in an upcoming movie, won’t he like to live the moment? I did the same,” the postman said as he listed to ‘sandeshe aate hain‘ on his cassette player.

After he was done with listening to the song and reminding us of the good old days when letters were mainstream, Bejaan told Faking News that he was thankful to festivals like Rakhi that reminds him of how important he was.

“Else we are only delivering government documents to various departments. Such occasions make us feel a part of the society,” he said.

Eyes welled up, Bejaan recalled the historical moment when he delivered the letter earlier today.

“You guys still exist! I thought the postal service was closed by the government!” said the recipient of Rakhi, who was informed by Bejaan that only the Telegram service was closed, and the Post Offices still existed.

Bejaan conceded that his sentiments were hurt by “you guys still exist” comment of the boy, but he decided not to protest.

To make sure no other postman has to go through such emotional ordeal, the postman has asked the government of India to make it mandatory for people to send letters through India Post.

“They can ask companies to do it under the now mandatory CSR activities. The companies should make it mandatory for their employees to send letters to their families, on which they could get tax breaks,” Bejaan proposed.

Meanwhile China has claimed that whatever business India Post was getting was due to its manufacturing abilities.

“Despite such high inflation in India, sisters are still able to send Rakhis because we make cheap Rakhis and send them to Indian markets, else they’d have shifted to e-Rakhis long back,” a Chinese manufacturer claimed.