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‘PPT' the first words spoken by the child of an MBA couple

22, Feb 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: Harsha and Priya were on cloud nine when their two-year old son uttered few words suddenly one day. Both MBA pass outs did not notice it as they were busy replying to their respective clients. Chintu’s caretaker noticed it and brought him to living room where Harsha and Priya were sitting.

Chintu was shouting P…P…T, P…P…T, after taking pause for few seconds again he was shouting PPT. Caretaker of the baby, Shantamma while speaking to us said, “Both Sir and Madam were worried with Chintu’s verbal skills. When kids of his age have started calling out Mama, Papa, Bhai, he was not able to say single word. Thank God, for listening to my prayers. Now my prince has started speaking.”

Shantamma added, “It was stressful time for me too, both Sir and Madam will come back home and as per the list of action items they have fed on their mobiles, will ask me how many times Chintu was fed, how much milk he drank, how many times he did ‘ShuShu’ and then how many words he uttered. My response to last query will be ‘No new update’, when both will get annoyed and will tell me Shantamma, do not answer like our clients. I can understand Sir and Madam also goes through so much traffic and so many client meetings, they must be feeling really tired by the time they reach home.”

Shantamma said, “Bachon se jo baat karo woh sikh jaate hain. Sir aur Maam without realizing used to utter more than 100 times PPT in front of him, my Raja beta caught it. Last time I worked in one house nearby, both husband and wife were project managers. First thing their daughter said was ‘spreadsheet’. I know little English, thought baby is asking to spread the shit. NO, the project manager couple shouted at me. Showed me what is spreadsheet on their laptop, it was like a picture with many crosses like the print I see on my husband’s lungi.”