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Punjabi guy starts speaking Hindi after drinking, shocks friends

29, May 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Chandigarh: 23 years old Satnam Singh shocked his friends yesterday night when he started speaking Hindi after having 4 pegs of his favourite whiskey. This incident left his friends shocked who were accustomed to hearing English and plans to migrate to Canada every time they had drinks together.

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“Meri to saari utar gayi ji. How can one start speaking Hindi after drinking? We have been drinking together for past 4 years now and he always spoke English whenever he drank. In fact, that is how we used to come to know that he has had enough and it is time to stop drinking. But now, he is speaking in Hindi after drinking, this is truly bizarre”, said Satnam’s friend Ashwini, who was present at the crime scene.

“We were all enjoying our drinks and planning to migrate to Kanedda when he started reciting some Hindi poetry. I mean it is fine if you don’t want to speak English but at least stick to Urdu shayari but he didn’t adhere to that rule either. There is something seriously wrong with him. We are considering taking him to the doctor for a thorough check-up”, Tejbir, another friend of Satnam told Faking News.

Satnam has apologised for his behaviour and assured his friends that it won’t happen again. “I don’t know how Hindi came out of my mouth at that time. I struggle to speak Hindi even without drinking and stick to Punjabi or English. There must be something mixed in that whiskey. I still have the bottle with me, maybe we can get it tested”, said Satnam.

Meanwhile, this incident has taken political colour and rival parties are blaming BJP and their saffronisation drive for this incident. “BJP is forcing Hindi on the nation and as a result, we are seeing such abnormal behaviour from the youth. This must be stopped and that is why it is important to beat BJP-SAD during the coming assembly elections in Punjab. What next, people speaking Sanskrit after drinking?” asked an angry political leader from Punjab.