Rafale secret files to be re-written by a doctor, even if stolen no one would be able to read it: Govt sources

07, Mar 2019 By dasu

Yesterday during hearing on Rafale deal, it was brought to the notice of Supreme Court that some secret files related to the deal were stolen from the defence ministry. Supreme Court then asked Attorney general to report all the steps Government has taken post the stealing of the files.


“One of the major steps we have taken is to re-write all the files by an experienced doctor. Even if files are stolen no one will be able to read it. So our national security will remain under no threat,” said one of our sources in defence ministry.

“Stealing is something that happens from a very young age. Bache school mein friends ka pencil eraser churate hain, aage jaake same kids after they become professionals, steal their colleagues pen drives, headsets, mobile chargers. So stealing is something is a state of our minds,” said the official from defence ministry.

He added, “We thought about changing our Link talas to high end smart lockers, but then we realized in a country full of Dayas (CID wala), people do not care about locks, they just break the doors. We have to do some kind of encryption. As per the research our technical team did, best method of encryption available today is doctor’s handwriting only. Other encryption methods can be broken by the hackers as you saw what happened to BJP’s website couple of days back”.

When we asked, people who will steal the files can hire a pharmacist, to which the official replied, “We have checked it. No human beings on earth are able to read it, even the doctor who has written it could not identify two letters of his handwriting”.

Apart from this Arun Jaitley is proposing 1000 percentage theft cess on people who are going to steal such files going forward. “It will be on top of fine amount. I am confident; no one will dare to do such mischievous things going forward”, said the official.