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Rakhi Sawant threatens to dig a tunnel and enter Shani temple

27, Jan 2016 By @jurnoleast

Mumbai: Sniffing a potent opportunity to oil the Shani temple issue, television celebrity and aspiring politician Rakhi Sawant has come out in favor of women and has slammed the temple authorities for discrimination.

Hail Sawant! the latest to dig her way to the Shani temple
Hail Sawant! the latest to dig her way to the Shani temple

Rakhi Sawant has also threatened to dig a tunnel and enter the temple if the entry of women is restricted.

Speaking to Faking News Rakhi Sawant said, “I have been watching news of the Shani temple discrimination for the last few days and I am so angry. I give them 24 hrs, after that I will start digging a tunnel and stop only after I have entered the temple.”

If sources in media are to be believed Rakhi has purchased a spade and shovel and has already started digging in her backyard.

However, Rakhi Sawant has denied it and said, “Mai apne backyard ko kyu kharab karu, BMC walon ke jo roads khod rake hai, wahi se shuru karongi.”

Apparently, Rakhi is taking another shot at politics. Sources close to the TV personality have said that she is desperate to re-launch her Rashtriya Aam Party by renaming it Rashtriya Aam Aurat Party.

Meanwhile, critics of Rakhi Sawant dubbed her latest antics as another publicity stunt. “This is not the first time Rakhi is doing something stupid to get attention. Sunny Leone has been getting a lot of ‘coverage’ these days and maybe that is giving Rakhi Sawant sleepless nights,” said bollywood singer Mika Singh.

“Everybody says I am publicity hungry, but that is not true. Have you seen me tweeting nangi-pungi images like Poonam Pandey? I am really concerned about women’s rights and I will do whatever I can to ensure equality of women,” she said trying hard to keep a straight face.

She has also urged wives of men who restrict the entry of women in temples to do a tit-for-tat and restrict the entry of their husbands in the bedrooms. “One day, just one day let those men sleep on the couch. Saari akal thikane aa jayegi,” she screamed.