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Ram Jethmalani takes suo motu action to defend Tarun Tejpal

22, Nov 2013 By Vipul K Rawal

New Delhi. After Goa police took suo motu cognizance and filed an FIR against Tarun Tejpal, the Tehelka founder accused of attempt to rape, eminent Lawyer Ram Jethmalani has taken suo motu cognizance of Tejpal’s guilt and decided to defend him.

In a press conference in a 5-star hotel, Ram Jethmalani was at his caustic best. When asked to explain his actions, he answered with his customary scowl:

Ram Rethmalani
“I remember his from those days, and knew I’d one day get a chance to defend him.”

“In the first place, I am not bound by any law to explain my actions to the media, however, now that you are here, let me tell you that if any court or government decides to take suo motu action based on media reports, I as an individual and a lawyer can do the same.”

It should be noted that Mr. Jethmalani had defended Manu Sharma, who was exposed as guilty of murder of Jessica Lal in a sting operation carried out by Tehelka.

“Then I had argued that Manu was a victim of media trial, and now I can see Shoma saying the same on TV channels. I think it’s the right time for me to intervene,” Mr. Jethmalani said.

When asked what arguments he would use to prove Tejpal an innocent editor who respects women, Jethmalani said that it was “not a big deal”.

“I can argue that the girl’s father had asked Tarun to keep an eye on his daughter and Tarun was being over protective, which resulted in misreading of the situation. Or it could be possible that it was not Tarun in the lift someone else, a lookalike whom the victim mistook for Tarun,” the veteran lawyer explained.

When this Faking News reporter pointed out that Tarun Tejpal had already accepted being involved in the “untoward incident”, Jethmalani rejected the mail as “irrelevant”.

“Things written by journalists are anyway not accepted by the courts as evidence, so Tejpal shouldn’t worry,” he said, “Also, I believe that sending the mail was nothing but a lapse of judgment, an awful misreading of the situation.”

When asked if Tarun knows that he is defending him, Ram Jethmalani admitted that he was unable to reach him because in all probability he is still undergoing penance and lacerating in the company of another of his client, Asaram Bapu.