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Ramp walk turns disastrous as a few models were blown away by a ceiling fan in the arena

07, Nov 2016 By RT

Mumbai. A Ramp walk in one of the popular star hotels in the city turned disastrous on Saturday, when a few models were suddenly blown away by a ceiling fan in the arena. Faking News’ fashion reporter has the full story here.

The fashion show where the flying incident happened
The fashion show where the flying incident happened

On Saturday, a fashion show was arranged in one of the 5-star hotel to promote a new Fashion Products Company. All models, big and small were invited to attend the walk and it turned out that some of them are so small and frail; so weak to sustain the wind from the ceiling fan.

The event was completely normal during the first two rounds when male models walked the ramp. Cheers from female audience without the faintest idea that most of them were supporters of LGBT community. The next event was when the disaster happened. A few girls of varied size took to the ramp.

Normal acceptable weight for a ramp walk female model is set at 50 kg as an industry standard. On the fateful evening, a few models, who first walked and later blown away, were reportedly weighing an odd 35kg.

The wind from the ceiling fan, which would not as much move the gelled hairline of the male models, proved to be too forceful for the zero sized models.

Upon investigation, Faking news reporter has found that some of the flown away models were actually trying to get to size minus one. One of them actually weighed lesser than the outfit she was wearing. Some of them were on diet and the rest of them were on the yearlong fast.

The model who flew the farthest landed a place in the miss universe contest, it is now learnt by Faking News.