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After receiving countless rejections, Chartered Accountant  inundated with marriage proposals post GST rollout  

03, Jul 2017 By @jurnoleast

Jignesh Shah, a 35 year CA  from Mumbai, had given up on finding his soulmate after he failed to find any match at all in the last 10 years of his matrimonial search. But all that changed from 1st of July, when GST regime took over.

For someone who never got any serious consideration from any woman ever in his life, Jignesh was flooded with marriage proposals thanks to his CA background.

Speaking to Faking News Jignesh said, “I thought it was some kind of a mistake. When I woke up on July 1, there were at least 500 proposals in my inbox and around 200 on WhatsApp.

An emotional Jignesh recollected how he had been dealing with the stigma of not being able to find a single girl, even though he spent his college life in Mumbai’s Mithibai College. “I was ashamed of my single status and I used to tell everyone that I am an engineer just to tide over the situation,” he said, trying hard to hold back his tears.

“Even my college crush, who used to avoid me like Salman avoids jails, sent me a friends request on FB. Suddenly I am the most elegible bachelor in my social circle,” Jignesh added.

His new found status has given more than just a ray of hope to the Shah family. “Each day there are around 100 profiles that we look at of those who want to get married to him,” said an ecstatic and relieved Mrs. Shah.

Jignesh was not an isolated case, the entire CA community has seen a 200% rise in ‘respect’ and ‘popularity’ after July 1st, something that was reserved only for the dates around income-tax return filing.