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Registration office refuses to register marriage after couple fail to produce pre-wedding photoshoot

14, Nov 2015 By dsarcasticmouth

New Delhi. It is a well-known fact that way back in 2006, the Supreme Court of India had made the marriage certificate a mandatory document to officially establish that you and only you have chosen to make your life miserable. This registration process is apparently more tedious than the marriage itself and takes thrice the time a hangover takes to subside after a Punjabi wedding. All because the government has prescribed a long list of documents to verify the authenticity of marriage.

Keeping up with the times, the government has come up with an additional document: the pre-wedding photo shoot pictures. Yes, the same chessy pictures containing a long gown, a guitar, and a couple who are being stared at by complete strangers.

pre-wedding photoshoot
Are you even married if you don’t have a picture like this?

Aditya and Sunayana probably thought their decision to not opt for a pre wedding photo shoot and break the conventional norm would inspire others and cut down the marriage budget by 15%. Instead, their whole marriage is being questioned upon. Not just by their friends, who laughed at them and took 2638 selfies at their sangeet ceremony but also by the government. They have refused to give them the registration certificate.

While certificate-wapsi-fear was initially speculated as the reason behind this move, it turned out to be untrue. Ramesh Pandey, a government official elaborates the logic behind this move: “The times are changing (no, not the newspaper cum advertorial which has a similar name, they are still fixated at some actress’ cleavage), every couple which is truly in love will blindly spend lacs of rupees opting for such photo shoots so they can use and reuse such pictures (albeit using different filters each time) as their DP on social networking sites for the next decade and a half. Any couple which doesn’t do so, surely has not found true love which is supposed to be blind. This way, we can weed out fake marriages.”

While some armchair activists have expressed outrage on this issue, some twitterati have come out in support of the government’s move. #ModiPhotoFanatic and #ZuckerbergShudHavMovdAside were trending all day yesterday on Twitter. Experts believe, India has found the perfect way to detect fraud marriage in a fool-proof manner. USA is also expected to use it to detect fraudulent marriages for Green Card purposes.

The Have-A-DSLR-Hence-I-Am-A-Photographer Association(HADIPA) too has come out against the step taken by the couple. Rahul Singh, a first year Hadipa member and a Third year engineering student from a college whose name you have probably never heard, says “This is a conspiracy by couples to take away our only source of livelihood apart from driving a Uber. It serves them right. The Modi government is finally bringing in the achhe din as promised.”

It is now learnt that some parents have now added a pre-wedding photo shoot as a prerequisite to find the slim,fair,smart b’ful girl 4 their MBA/28/5’8/h’some/Brhmn boy.