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Regular Mumbai local traveler waiting for plane to start moving before boarding it

04, Jul 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

32 years old Shwetank Srivastava, who has been a Mumbai resident since last 6 years shocked the nation yesterday with a never before seen stunt. Yesterday was the first time in his lifetime when Shwetank had to board a flight. And guess what, he din’t enter the plane until it started moving, all because of the habit he has developed over the years, namely ‘catching a moving local train’. hqdefault

There are so many commuters like Shwetank in Mumbai, who over the years have perfected the art of entering the local compartment. Their brains are as powerful as Einstein’s in calculating the relative speed of the train, the momentum they require to enter the train, and also the force they need to apply on fellow travelers to create space inside the compartments. In fact, most of the habituated people wait for the train to start and then board it, as boarding a stationary train is too mainstream for a Mumbaikar. Shwetank had the same habit, and din’t realize that this habit will make national news one day.

Yesterday was when Shwetank had to board his first flight from Mumbai To Delhi. Everything was going fine,as he had arrived at the Airport 3 hours prior to departure to accustom himself to all processes. It was only when he reached the door of the plane, when people were about to witness the stunt of a lifetime. Shwetank allowed all passengers to board the flight and waited near the door. He requested the air hostesses that he will take responsibility of closing the door. But due to strict protocols regarding take-off, he was asked to immediately enter the body of the plane. But Shwetank being the stubborn man he thinks he is waited and waited and waited so long that people came outside the flight to pick him up and transfer him to his designated seat.

The incident was the first one in 15 years of the flight operator’s history and they have recorded it to use it for their next launch of the flight safety manual.