Relatives demand unemployment allowance as exams cancelled means they can’t inquire about marks and results

17, Apr 2020 By Santosh Pradhan

New Delhi. The corona pandemic has caused significant disruption to economic activity across the world as nations enforce lockdowns. Even the relatives will suffer this year. They will have to let go of their only job of asking marks and results from the students.

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And hence they are demanding an unemployment allowance from the government to make ends meet in this difficult time.

The relatives union spoke to the HRD minister via teleconference and put their demands in front of him. The relatives also want a clear schedule of the next exams once the pandemic is over. They need more subjects to be included in the curriculum so that they can compensate by inquiring about more subjects and feel employed once again.

The total number of confirmed COVID-19 infections in India rose further on Friday morning, close to the 13,400-mark and there is every chance that there will be no exams and no IPL this season.

What will the relatives do in this scenario? It seems very scary as the population of relatives is pretty huge in India. The HRD ministry and other relevant ministries should chalk out a plan to save them from extinction.