Saturday, 28th March, 2020


Relatives of student break Usain Bolt’s record while sprinting to his house to ask about exam results

23, Feb 2020 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. Indian relatives are very fast when it comes to reaching the houses of students to ask their exam results or results of any competition. But no one would have imagined that some relatives would make India proud in doing so.


Relatives of Jagdish Malik, a Mumbai based student, did just that when they sprinted towards his house to inquire about his exam results. Srinivas Gowda last week broke the record for the fastest Kambala race in the history of the traditional sport of the southern state of India. Srinivas had run 145 meters with his buffaloes in just 13.62 seconds.


‘India’s Usain Bolt,’ screamed television channels after local newspapers reported the record-breaking feat of Srinivas. Jagdish’s relatives were so fast that they left behind so many cars and motorbikes on the road they were traveling. Kiren Rijiju has asked his team to locate the relatives and call them up to the athletics academy for further training.


Rijiju believes that there are so many relatives in all parts of India and they would pick the fastest ones and train them for the Olympics. Countries like China and Russia are extremely worried about the fear that India may soon overtake them as the Olympic powerhouse of Asia.