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After repeated cancellations of Goa plan, friends plan trip to Gokarna and get down at Goa instead

20, Jun 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai: While there can be 895 million reasons why your Goa plan got cancel, the most common reasons are certainly your so-called “friends”. Here are the top reasons/excuses friends give to kill your Goa plan – ‘Abba nahi manenge’, ‘Dur ka cousin aya hai’, ‘ manager ne leave approve nahi ki’, ‘Goa nahi, Ladakh chalte hain’ and the best one ‘ Ye season nahi hai Goa jaane ka’.

Dil chhahta Hai 2

But an Engineering college group in Mumbai has finally cracked the code to finally tour Goa without the trip being canceled. What they did is they made a plan to visit Gokarna the famous beach in Karnataka. This way none of the friends canceled the plan midway. And on the way to GoKarna they got down at Goa and enjoyed the tour which was long awaited. The lead was taken by Shwetank Srivasta, who is a hardcore Goa fan. He wanted to visit Goa in this lifetime but had lost all hopes after 155 cancellations in the last 10 years. He came up with the idea thinking that if no one says to each other that they are going to Goa then there would be no cancellations. Sometimes the name of Goa itself attracts cancellations. So he planned to convey to the friends that they would be visiting Gokarna.

The day they were scheduled to leave for Gokarna, surprisingly there were no cancellations and all friends met up at the particular planned location. It was only halfway through the trip that they realized that they have entered Goa. This is where Shwetank opened all his cards and told them about his secret plan. Now that they were already in Goa they decided to spend 5 days there and then return to Goa. So finally the planned for Goa was successful and maybe Gokarna has to wait for the next time to figure in their list of next tour location.