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Reports say Mumbai tap water is best in country, Bandra girl installs golden tap to spend money saved from not buying mineral water

18, Nov 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. The Mumbai-Delhi fight is a never-ending one with people always trying to find new parameters to judge both cities. On Saturday, a national report said that Mumbai tap water is the best.


A resident of Bandra, the poshest area of Mumbai, installed a golden tap at home as she wanted to spend the money saved from not buying mineral water. Ananya Kapoor ordered the most expensive tap available in India and always fills her water bottle from the golden tap. Mumbai residents need not buy reverse osmosis (RO) water purifiers as a study by the Union Consumer Affairs Ministry has found samples of tap water collected from the financial capital compliant with the Indian standards for drinking water, according to a report. More and more residents of the Juhu and Bandra region are buying golden taps and jewelers in and around the areas are selling more taps than jewelry in the last couple of days.

Girls in South Delhi meanwhile are busy buying the costliest mineral water as that is the only show off what they can afford. Many South Delhi girls are jealous of their South Mumbai counterparts as in Mumbai people can drink water out of a golden tap.