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Republic Day tableaux of Infosys, Facebook, BJP, AAP, and others

26, Jan 2014 By idiot420

Republic day 2014 witnessed participation of few new players at the parade at Rajpath. Here is a brief description of their efforts:

Tableau of Indian Railways, running late by an hour.
Tableau of Indian Railways, running late by an hour.

Infosys: IT giant’s tableau showcased work culture of a typical IT firm. Software engineers tied with chair and their fingers glued to laptop keyboard with feviquick perfectly portrayed their dedication to work. Testers were pinching working developers once per minute. On the other hand, managers were shown doing sashtang dandavat in front of foreign clients.

Bhatt Camp: Bhatt camp’s tableau was one of it’s own kind, full of mystery, suspense and kissing scenes. A boy was kissing a girl throughout the parade. By end of the parade, girl stabbed the boy and confessed that she did it to take revenge, as the boy cheated on her in their previous lives. Story of the previous life will be shown in 2015 Republic day tableau, which will be prequel of this year’s tableau.

AAP: AAP used Republic day parade for their Lok Sabha election campaign. Their tableau showed Arvind Kejriwal hoisting flag at the Red Fort, post which he gave 5 minute speech and sung a Manna De song on brotherhood. AAP’s tableau was picked in midway with help of a helicopter, which later dropped it at Ram Leela maidan.

Congress: Congress tableau had Rahul Gandhi in front of it, acting as if he was dragging it forward. While rest of party leaders were pushing the tableau from the rear end.

BJP: BJP tableau had Narendra Modi as Hanuman, flying in air while carrying a mountain in his hand. All other BJP leaders were sitting on that mountain.

Facebook: Social networking site’s tableau had a big screen with Facebook home page of a person who was sitting next to the screen. Throughout the parade, the man kept liking post and patriotic pictures, including photos of different tableaux from the Republic day parade, and commenting ‘cool’ and ‘epic’ every minute.

Twitter: Twitter’s tableau was having look alikes of Digvijay Singh, Manmohan Singh, Rahul Gandhi, Kejriwal, Modi, Somnath Bharti, Salman, Shahrukh, Sir Jadeja and Uday Chopra. All were standing above each other in form of a ladder, depicting Twitter trends. Rahul Gandhi was on top holding a board with ‘Promoted’ written on it.

Team India: Indian team tableau had cricketers floating in air. It was possible due to powers of Sir Jadeja. The tableau had boundaries on fire. While some interpreted that it means 4s and 6s putting the stadium on fire, others thought that India will have to meet fire if they go beyond boundary i.e. on foreign tour.

IRCTC: As expected IRCTC’s tableau was quite simple looking and slow moving. It was a plain 1980 model truck, moving with a speed of 1mtr/hour. Since start of the parade, truck’s tyre punctured twice and till last report, it was still in the midway of completing the parade.

Old Monk: Old Monk’s tableau had simply a big banner with a message, which read, “Thank god, tomorrow is not a dry day. It’s one of those rare Mondays which you would love to live.”