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Research shows most people get better view of the roads through their mobile cameras than through naked eyes

19, Mar 2018 By dasu

New Delhi: According to a recent research report submitted by couple of scientists from TIFR, people having phones with good cameras get ‘good’ view of the roads than the ones who are still walking on the roads looking for ways through their naked eye.

While talking to us, scientist Partha Das who has co-written the research paper said, “When we came across so many people walking on roads while looking through their phone, with ears filled with EarPods, we wanted to do study on this behavior. There must be ‘something’, otherwise why so many people would do that.”

Mr. Das added, “The study showed quite encouraging results. In naked eye including those who wear specs, your visibility is almost for 150 to 180 degrees, that’s too much for a normal human eye. Here while looking through your camera, you remain within 45 degrees. Being focused on your phone, you declare to everyone who is on the road, I am taking care of myself. You just take care of yourself. Do not mess around with me. By filling your ear, you are protected from any noise or honking or gali. One can behave exactly the way he or she does at home.”

“Talking on phones while riding bikes through one hand or for that matter walking while having WhatsApp video calls, is something the ‘current generation’ has in their genes. It proves if you are smart, you can do so much within the 24 hours God has given us,” said Mr. Das.

Mr. Das justified why walking while looking camera phone is ‘cool’ and even traffic cops have no problem.

“You might have seen in a flash your vehicle getting lifted if it is encroaching few millimeters in to no parking areas, but you would have never seen someone getting questioned if they are on phones because it is perfectly ‘acceptable’ and has numerous ‘benefits’ as our study showed,” said Mr. Das before signing off.