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Restaurant increases the price of all items in the menu by 3 times, after adding 'Organic' prefix

09, Dec 2017 By RT

New Delhi. A restaurant in the city has increased the price of all items in the menu by 3 times, after adding ‘Organic’ prefix, it is learnt by Faking News. Organic is to food industry as bitcoin or blockchain for the banking industry. The new buzzword will help the business boom with exponential profits, the industry experts are believed to be said.

“The high society yardstick changes with changing times. Earlier it used to be diamonds and platinum jewellery. Then club memberships and formal social services became the calling for the people who want to be in the list of who is who. Now, it is about eating only nothing but organic food. All organic restaurants, despite however much costly, are the preferred dining for the new generation of organitarians. We don’t complain though,” a manager of an all-organic restaurant told Faking News.

“I don’t eat anything else but organic food. Genetically modified food and anything not from organic farming, I do not touch. Even, my pets are organic. I have disassociated myself from all the other clubs and kept only country club memberships now. Country fruit is no more an insult passed to others but an extremely healthly food item to ingest,” a lady, who had undergone 15 plastic surgeries and 3 genetic steroid treatments, told Faking News.

Organic buzzword is so fast in reach; it caught up with the fastfood industry as well. A Mumbai railway station Vada pav stall stuns the commuters with ‘Organic Samosa and Vada pav’ advertisement; it is learnt by Faking News. To rival the growing organic food mania, another restaurant in the city now introduced food with Artificial intelligence; it is further learnt by Faking News.