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Restaurant manager is shocked to see a couple sitting next to each other talking instead of texting

02, Sep 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: Vasudeva NS, working as a manager in a posh restaurant in Indiranagar, Bengaluru was shocked to see a couple talking to each other instead of texting each other as others normally do.

“For one or two minutes, other guests ignored the conversation, but then they got disturbed by the talk. Couple of them walked to my desk to complain about it. They said, they come here for peace, not to listen what others speak. First thing I asked the couple, is there any problem with your phones. Please let me know if they need to be recharged which they politely declined,” said Vasu while speaking to us.

Vasu added, “I requested them to move to a nearby sound proof room if they are planning to talk more to which they kindly agreed. We were lucky on that day no families with young kids were there at the restaurant. Usually we keep the sound proof room reserved for families with kids so that rest of our customers do not get at all distracted from their phones.”

“I am working here for past three years. Normally the people who come here remains engaged with their phones. Other day one person who was so engrossed in his phone, did not agree with the bill that he ate chilly chicken. Luckily, he had taken a selfie which had the picture of the chilly chicken plate on the back ground. Our waiter had witnessed when he was taking selfie, after we showed him the photo he ‘agreed’ to pay the amount,” said Vasudeva on his daily experience at the restaurant.

Vasu said, “From that experience we also learnt our lessons. After that incident when customers order, we note down their phone numbers and as they start eating looking at their phone, we send messages through WhatsApp by telling them what they are eating. If you have time, please check your plate. So, no fight or surprises later during billing time.”

Vasu said, “We have added a note outside, talking is strictly prohibited, you can use the free Wi-Fi to do chatting as much you want.”