With restaurants closed, Food blogger starts reviewing groceries to get free supplies of groceries

10, Apr 2020 By Santosh Pradhan


Coronavirus has impacted many industries and food blogging is a major one that has been impacted. Food bloggers have a habit of going to fancy restaurants and have free food there.

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But now with all the restaurants closed, Jagdish Malik chose to review the grocery items in D-Mart so as to get free supplies. Jagdish has been going to each and every grocery store in Mumbai which is open and he reviews the grocery items in the stores His reviews have been detailed and have really helped people to get some idea about the quality of product at sale and also the health benefits of the same. Jagdish has been getting calls from stores around the country to get their products reviewed but due to the lockdown, it has been difficult for him to move out of the city.

But he has promised his fans that he will cover each and every store in Mumbai, big or small, and get the grocery tested by himself. He has collected so much groceries that he can go without buying anything for the next year and no pandemic can cause a problem to him now.