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Rich son buys Delhi roads to drive his new Bugatti car

01, Mar 2013 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. In a historic development, son of a super-rich industrialist has bought a few roads to go along with a brand new Bugatti Veyron car gifted by his father.

“Yes I have bought those roads which I frequently use so that I don’t have to bother myself with silly traffic rules. From now on, it will be my way on the highway,” said Vyarth Mallya flashing a ‘V’ sign to the reporters gathered outside his mansion at Prithviraj Road.

“I will hold exclusive rights to use these roads, but the common people may use it at their own risk,” he further added, “People just have to be aware that I have rights to drink and drive on these roads, stop wherever I want, overtake from any direction, go wrong side for fun, spit on whosoever I wish to, molest any girl of my choice, and run over anyone whose face I don’t like.”

Bugatti Veyron
Many car lovers point out that pedestrians and other vehicles on roads make the roads unfit for such high performance cars; hence the idea of buying roads along with cars was not a bad one.

While traffic rules, Motor Vehicles Act, Municipal Corporation acts and other public laws won’t apply to his private roads, Vyarth clarified that the laws related to payment of damages will hold true.

“All those who get hit by my speeding machines will have to pay damages for dirtying my beloved cars. In fact, if there is any dent or abrasion of paint, the law related to trespassing on someone’s private property will also be invoked,” he added.

He has also decided to name these roads after his father so that he can proudly proclaim “Haan, yeh mere baap ki sadak hai (yes, these roads are owned by my father!)” when questioned by any one.

Delhi government has welcomed this move and encouraged more industrialists to come forward and buy roads.

“This will create more revenues for the government; not to deny the fact that the number of road accidents and hit-and-run incidents will also come down, as cases won’t be registered under relevant acts,” a government sourced told Faking News, “In fact, we are thinking of auctioning the roads to maximize revenues.”

“See, the common man has already been given lot of facilities like Metro, therefore roads could be left exclusively for such rich people. After all, if we are asking the super-rich to pay more tax, we should give them something in return!” the government source justified the step.

Meanwhile a famous Bollywood star has also shown keen interest in buying a few pavements in Mumbai.