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Road rage and shooting incidents on rise, India should have stricter gun laws: US based NGO

15, May 2016 By Pagla Ghoda

Bihar: After a recent road-rage and power surge incident where an MLA’s son shot a person for over taking his car, a US based NGO has warned that India has a huge gun problem and needs much stricter gun laws like US does. Babes against Barrels (BAB) is a US based NGO that works towards preventing gun abuse in countries outside US.

The NGO highlighted images such as this to show Indian gun culture

Ms. Erica Kalashnikova who works with BAB’s India office, talked to media and said, “Substance abuse is controlled in India because it is a culture thing. People are more hooked to fatty foods than to drugs. But gun abuse is becoming a serious problem in these South Asian countries. People here should learn from US and their strict gun regulations. I come from Russia a peaceful nation and I now work for US (based NGO), again from a peaceful nation. I believe South-East Asia has a lot to learn from these peaceful countries.”

When Ms. Kalashnikova was asked about the violent gun incident in US schools she got very defensive, “Those incidents are exceptions and are very few in number where as in India this is becoming a common occurrence which is worrisome. Unlike US, anyone in India can easily procure weapons and start using them. Yesterday I was at a mall and a shop was selling various versions of Toy guns and any kid could buy them. I was shocked. Is this what we should teach our children? I don’t think so. And I have other examples. The other day I was watching a movie called Gangs of Wasseypur. I was told that the movie was a hit throughout India, and that movie was all about guns. And look at festival of Holi, pouring water on people through water guns? Exploding gun-powder based bombs on Diwali? I can just go on-and-on”

While Ms. Kalashnikova was discussing the topic at the press conference, one of the reporter’s cellphone rang with ring-tone, “Ankhiyon se goli maare, sajna hamaar” and Ms. Kalashnikova got furious. She badly chastised the reporter for keeping such a violent ring tone which mentioned violent words such as “goli” (bullets) and “maare” (kill) and made him change his ring tone on the spot.

-By @pagla_ghoda