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‘During road rage, will the driver-less car fight for us? ', worried Indian asks Elon Musk

29, Mar 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Elon Musk has promised the world that a completely automated Tesla will be available by the end of 2018. Although other companies revise their estimates for self-driving vehicles in the consumer market – Waymo has pushed its date back to 2020, for instance – Musk is being coy. He’ll have it ready even sooner. Though n announcement has been made regarding the India launch, people in India are worried that the new car will alter their habits a bit. Some are worried whether the car will fight for them or they will have to use their own hands while fighting during a road rage.


Literally, “Road Rage” is a term used to refer to the violent incidents caused by stress while driving on high traffic zones on roadways. It is usually associated with “Aggressive Driving”. But, in lay man’s language, “Road Rage” can be defined as an incident in which an angry or impatient motorist or passenger intentionally injures someone. cases of Road rage in Haryana and Delhi is way high than the usual rate in the other parts of the country. People are so habituated of the road rages that they think it is their birthright to fight with someone while driving their car.

Raj Kumar Dwivedi is a worried man. Never in the past 10 years has he driven his car without abusing a fellow passerby or beating up any person on road. All this because of the traffic condition in his home town where people try to sneak into the tiniest of spaces available on the roads. Raj Kumar has written a letter to Elon Musk in which he has asked if the driverless car will provide any help in fighting or the fighting will be done by himself as has been the case in the last 10 years.

Elon Musk is a busy man but seems like this a problem he will need to address ASAP if the India launch has to be made successful.  There is news coming in that a top-level meeting was called to address Raj Kumar’s concern and seems like Raj Kumar has really pushed forward India’s concern in a very effective way.