Monday, 6th April, 2020


Robber records his act to hand over to police in case he gets caught; did so to prevent police from reconstructing crime scene

06, Dec 2019 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai. The encounter killing of all 4 accused in Hyderabad Rape horror has made the criminals more alert now.


One robber in Mumbai recorded his act of robbery so that he can hand it over to the police when he gets caught. This will not give police an excuse to take him out to recreate the crime scene.

In a sensational development, all four accused — who were allegedly involved in the gang rape and murder of a veterinary doctor — were gunned down by Cyberabad police in an encounter in the wee hours of Friday. The news spread in the crime circle through Whatsapp and more and more criminals are now recording their full crime. This will save time for the police to reconstruct the scene and hence will not give them a chance to do encounter of the criminals.

The Mumbai robber who first gave this idea implemented it today and police are still in the process of catching him. The Policemen’s first step would be to somehow delete that video of the crime so that they can get a chance to reconstruct the crime scene during early mornings. There are rumors that the robber has made plenty of copies of the video and circulated it in a vast network so that someone will hand it over to the police even if the police deletes it from one place.