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Sale of ‘Nimbu Mirchi’ on an all-time high nationally as government offices buy bulk quantities to fight Ransomware

18, May 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

Amidst contradictory statement from cyber security experts and the Centre that has left many confused about the impact of global cyber attack WannaCry ransomware in India, multiple reports surfaced claiming a fresh round of infections in the country. Government has taken some strong measures to deal with it, one of them being the order placed for large quantities of ‘Nimbu Mirchi’. nimbu mirch

Many corporate, institutions and individual have been hit by the ransomware and government has become extra cautious now to deal with it. Most of the sensitive data related to public schemes, aadhar info, financial info are stored on computers in government offices. So it makes sense for the government to prioritize the security of those computers first. In a major step taken on wednesday, the finance ministry has cleared the budget proposal to buy bulk quantities of ‘Nimbu-Mirchi’ to be bought and used in all government offices.

Our Faking News reporter spoke to an official in the Finance Ministry and he had this to say,” We have 100s of government offices,all having sensitive data, collection of important info related to public schemes and much more. The only thing which can prevent us from any cyber attack is our very ancient belief in ‘Nimbu Mirchi’. We are aware of the use of ‘Nimbu Mirchi’ since ages and it makes sense to use it instead of some foreign made anti-virus softwares. This way we will also promote the make in India campaign and set an example for the country.”

The distribution of ‘nimbu mirchi’ is on a full swing as trucks and trucks were seen carrying it to offices in remotest of areas. many offices have gone the extra mile by arranging ‘havans’ and ‘poojas’ to wither away the threat of ransomware. Many private companies have also asked government to provide them the product on subsidized rates as it will be used for a national cause.