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Salman's lawyers reach 200 crore club, confident of earning more as govt could challenge acquittal

25, Jul 2016 By @jurnoleast

Jodhpur: It’s not just Salman’s films, lawyers fighting his numerous court cases are also reaching the 200Cr club. His recent acquittal in the black buck case has made his lawyer richer by a few 100 crores, beating the lawyer who fought the bollywood actor’s previous case by a few crores.


Apparently, there is a mad scramble between lawyers to take up Salman’s case as Govt, plans to challenge the acquittal.

“Even if the acquittal is challenged, everyone knows that he will be let off by the higher courts too. Just that it will give us a chance to enter the club,” said a lawyer who didn’t wish to be named, hopeful of breaking the 200Cr barrier.

“This is just the beginning, i hope this verdict will encourage more bollywood actors and we will break the 300 Cr barriers too,” he added.

Sources say the bollywood actor along with his legal team are planning a party at the actors farmhouse to celebrate the success.

Faking News reporter spoke to a legal expert who has been following the case closely. “Salman’s movies may not follow any script but the proceedings inside the court do follow one and that is ‘Bhai is innocent’. Just like audience are expected to leave their brains outside before entering the theater, lawyers and judges are expected to do the same when they enter the courtroom,” said a senior high court lawyer.

Meanwhile, there were some lawyers who were critical of the ‘100 Cr club’ mentality. “These people are undermining the role of judiciary. The law takes it own course and we should not fall in to this trap of ‘crore club’. I had the chance too, but chose not to fall in that trap,” said the lawyer who fought Sanjay Dutt’s illegal arms possession case.