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Who says I do not get proper sleep, I get 8 hours while commuting to office says Bangalore techie

29, Jun 2019 By dasu

Bangalore: Techies in Silicon Valley of India are often scolded by their parents for inculcating everything that is considered unhealthy for human body and mind. Apart from spending a major chuck of their earnings on cigarettes and daru, many techies sleep less than what Prime Minister of India Modi Ji does.


“Who told you I do not get eight hours of sleep every day?”, countered Alok Kumar who from his waist size looked like an experience techie. “Come with me for one day in my office cab, you will come to know how many hours of quality sleep I get”, added Alok.

While showing the Google Maps Alok told, “Today is a bad day. It shows I can reach office in three hours, even Silk Board does not have regular five-kilometer jam. But there are good days, I have got six hours of sleep one way to office. Return whatever sleep I get; I take it as extra bonus”.

Alok told that is the reason he did not have to buy even one tube of Fairness face creams till today. “I look fresh by the time I am all set to search my next piece of code through google”.

“Only problem for me my company expects me to look like a thorough professional like Peter England advertisement models when I enter my office premises. Such a long commute, I used to have stubble. But our office arranged a bus helper who is barber too. Stubble is no more an issue”, told Alok.

For Alok, from July 1st week his burre din will start as his office is shifting somewhere near to his residence. “I have no option, have to find a house which is far away or change job to an office which is far away from my current residence. Whatever it is, I do not want to lose my cab wali neend. Cab mein nahin saunga toh kab saunga”, asked Alok